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"Be Kind to Animals Week" and "National Pet Week"

May 4-10 marks one of the most important weeks of the year for animal lovers fighting to prevent animal cruelty. The Gentle Barn, a nonprofit animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary in California, offers some tips and reminders about how to prevent animal cruelty.
From the Gentle Farm
From the Gentle Farm
From the Gentle Farm

In honor of “Be Kind to Animals Week" and “National Pet Week," Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn and an animal rescue and rehabilitation expert, offers the following tips and reminders about how to prevent animal cruelty:

•  Always remember to provide adequate food and water: It is very important that all animals have water available throughout the day and eat at least twice a day.

•  Consider the weather: Animals get hot and cold, so as summer approaches, give them shade or let them inside during extreme temperatures.

•  Never leave your pet in a parked car for any period of time: On a warm day, the temperature in a parked car can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes.

•  Animals need exercise too: All animals need to stay active in order to remain healthy and fit-- walk the dogs, play with the cats or let your horses run. Physical activity is important for all living beings.

•  No one is happy alone:  Pets and animals need love and companionship much like humans. Interaction with humans and other animals gives them purpose and a sense of belonging. If your animals are not with you, let them have an animal companion they can spend time with.

•  Keep it clean: Your animals do not enjoy living in their own waste. Please make efforts to keep them and their areas clean.

•  Bored animals are unhappy animals: Similar to humans, pets and animals enjoy playing with toys and having fun. If you plan to be away, remember your pets and be sure they have something fun to play with.

•  They need love and attention: It is important to show our pets and animals that we care. The best way to do this is showering them with love and attention. Not to mention, it feels pretty good for us too!

•  Last but not least, be "gentle": When dealing with humans or animals, it is important that we remember to be "gentle.” By treating our animals with kindness and compassion, we can lead by example and show others the values of living a cruelty-free and “gentle” life.

The Gentle Barn (www.gentlebarn.org) is a nonprofit, animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA. The Gentle Barn brings together a volunteer staff of community members and youth program participants to help educate the public about how to prevent and end animal cruelty. The barn provides a safe haven where injured, abused and neglected animals are brought to heal and learn to trust humans again. Once the animals are taught the “gentle” way, their stories are shared with at-risk, mentally-handicapped and disadvantaged youth program participants from Los Angeles and its surrounding cities. 




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