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Body condition scoring app for horses

Use your phone to keep track of how fat or thin your horses are
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It can be hard to tell whether a horse is getting too fat or too thin unless you give it a body condition score, which is a method of estimating the amount of fat on the animal’s body in degrees from one-to-nine. A new app is available to help you evaluate your horse right from your phone.

The app is called “HorseBCS” and was created by members of HorseQuest, a group of extension equine specialists. Kathy Anderson is a horse specialist at the University of Nebraska, and says the app is simple to use.

"You can name the horse, a camera will come up so you can take a picture of it, and then, you can go through and there’s condition scores on there for each of the different body locations," says Anderson. "So you can go through the different locations and put what you see as that horse’s condition score. It will save that, so then over time if you want to redo that horse, you can go and look at him and compare him."

The photo is stamped with the horse’s name, date, and location. If you aren’t familiar with body condition scoring, there are videos and pictures to teach you how.

The tool is great for any horse owner. It also comes in handy for teaching youth. People in law enforcement who are called out on horse neglect cases can use it to record the condition of horses they see. Anderson says the app also links to a desktop feature.

"You’re not going to be able to take the picture, but you can pull up your library of horses that you have, and then you can also print those images and print the condition scores," says Anderson. "The other nice thing with the desktop feature is if you want to teach with it, or use it in different ways to show some of the different things you can do with the app, or just how to condition score, that’s also another option."

The horseBCS app costs $1.99, and is available for IOS and Android.

Watch this video to learn how the app works

Listen here to the radio mp3

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