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Backyard Bonding with a Family Flock

Raising chickens with your family is fun, educational, and a great way to bond outdoors.
Photos courtesy of Tractor Supply Company

Raising your own backyard poultry is a practical endeavor for natural, home-grown meat and eggs. It’s not all business, though–raising chickens can be fun for the whole family! Backyard chickens are entertaining, and their care can promote bonding and educational experiences.  

“I’ve been raising chicks with my family for the past year, and I can already see the benefits it’s instilling beyond our backyard,” says Neely Green, national marketing manager of Tractor Supply Company. “In addition to creating opportunities for our family to have fun, unplugged time together, this experience has taught us important lessons in responsibility, reaping the rewards of hard work, and how to eat well and live sustainably.”

With a backyard flock, your children will learn the responsibilities of regular chicken care, have fun with new birds, and enjoy fresh eggs from feathered friends. If your family wants to raise poultry and needs help getting started, visit a local farm supply store, or attend Tractor Supply Company's Chick Days. Families can pick out chicks and get all the supplies for starting a flock, including starter kits, feed, bedding, heat lamps, and coops, as well as expert guidance.

Once you’ve started your family flock, says Green, your local Tractor Supply Company store will have plenty of resources for handling and caring for poultry, building a chicken coop, and more. She also recommends that you check with your local government’s rules on poultry regulations before purchasing your chicks. Work together with your family to set up your perfect poultry place.

“As parents, it’s our job to teach our children personal responsibility and healthy behaviors,” says Green. “Raising backyard poultry provides parents with so many teachable moments, like collecting eggs, caring for live animals and proper handling guidelines­ to ensure the safety of your flock and yourself.”

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