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Build your own chicken ark

You may look at the curved design of this chicken ark and ask, “Why should I spend two or three hours behind a jigsaw when I could build some-thing simpler and squarer?” There are three good answers: 1. By cutting the hoops you’re also getting the wall, the roof structure, and the doors ready to go. When all is said and done, this ark takes no more time to build than many other designs. 2. An arch-shaped structure is extremely strong and wind-resistant. 3. It looks cool.

Since the ark is mobile (it’s a four-person job), you can move your poultry to fresh pastures as needed. Your yard or pasture, in turn, will reap the benefits of the natural fertilizer left behind.

Materials Needed:

Two 4 × 8-foot sheets ¾" plywood
Two 10-foot 1×8s
One 10-foot 1×4
Two 12-foot 1×4s
Two 8-foot 2×2s
¾" pressure-treated plywood, 48" × 48" minimum
Ten 8-foot pieces pine or cedar 1×4 tongue-and-groove paneling (or alternate roof material)
Four 10-foot ¼" × 1" batten strips
Roofing material, 50 square feet (see step 5 on page 203)
Welded metal mesh, 70 square feet (mesh size as desired)
Construction adhesive
Foam board adhesive
1¼" exterior screws
2" exterior screws
6d galvanized casing nails
Fence staples
Six strap hinges with screws
Latches and hasps as needed (see step 3 on page 202)

*Use pressure-treated lumber wherever possible. Plywood can be either pressure-treated or exterior-grade; treated will last longer but is heavier and more expensive.

Excerpted from The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects (c) Spike Carlsen. Photography by (c) Tom Thulen, project illustration by (c) Elayne Sears, plan drawings by Bruce Kieffer. Used with the permission of Storey Publishing. 

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