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Customizing a horse trailer

When transporting horses, you want them to be comfortable and safe. Customize your own horse trailer to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.

Radio interview source: Randy Stamper, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hart Trailers

Whether you transport horses to go trail riding, or travel with them to shows across the country, having the right trailer will make both you and your horses more comfortable.
Randy Stamper is a sales and marketing manager for a trailer manufacturer in Oklahoma. He says horse comfort, quality of construction, and safe transportation should be the primary focuses when putting together a custom trailer.
"Most aluminum manufacturers today are using some type of torsion axle, which gives you a much smoother ride," he says. "There are so many different features that go back to safety. Padded dividers, finished welds, and we have a safety bar grill that's incorporated into our drop-down window so that the horse doesn't stick its head out. It's so easy for a bug, or a rock, or something going down the road to fly in and hit a horse in the eye."
A trailer should have tack storage for bridles, saddles, blankets, and feed. Stamper says most people put the tack room in the front, but there are many options for placement. Other people add ramps. 
Quite often when people travel with their horses, they like to stay with them. You can customize your trailer for optimum comfort. 
"Slide-out rooms are a big thing on the living quarters, that just gives you more living space inside the trailer," says Stamper. "That's become a very popular option. Things such as outside entertainment centers, you can have a compartment on the outside of the trailer that houses a 42" flat screen TV, stereo system, water tanks. A lot of people are ordering them with a slide out gas grill so that you just open a door and the gas grill just slides out the side of the trailer."
Custom-design trailer companies work with you to develop a floor plan and amenities. Engineered drawings, all specifications, and detailed price quotes are worked out before the first horse steps into the trailer.

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