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When horses eat their hay slowly, they're healthier and happier
Cribbing is a repetitive behavior by horses characterized by grabbing...
American Horse Publications Survey shows 
horse ownership and...
The heat is hard on everyone, including your animals. They rely on...
Vaccination, good management helps offer protection during peak...

Our Country Horses: Quarter Horses

Horse health

Vaccinations, deworming, and a check of the horse's overall...
Keep your horses safe and infection-free with these tips on hoof care
It's not curable, but with proper care, your horse can still...
Ease him into his new surroundings
Use your phone to keep track of how fat or thin your horses are

Our Country Horses: Boarding Horses

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8/25/15 | 11:17 AM
All the rain this summer turned my (so-called) landscaping into a jungle. Vines more
Betsy's Backyard |
8/19/15 | 9:29 AM
I have tomatoes coming out of my ears. That's okay. BLTs and Caprese salad more