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Grooming tools for horses

Proper grooming tools help your horse look its best

Radio interview source: Tom Tweeten, Horse Grooming Expert, EquiScentials

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Grooming should always be a part of your horse care routine. Tom Tweeten is a horse expert who also develops grooming products. He says the first goal of grooming a horse should be to develop communication and trust. One of the main tools he likes to use is a curry comb for getting down to the horse's skin.  

"Getting down onto the skin through the coat allows me to, number one, work the natural oil out of the hair," Tweeten says. "Number two, it works as a massaging process and so we're really creating blood flow, it encourages the good healthy coat of hair to grow, and also really helps warm the horse up because it's through that massaging process that the horse begins to relax, and is ready to work."

A dandy brush is a stiff-bristled tool that's used to remove hair, dirt, and other material loosened by the curry comb. It can also be dipped in water to wet down the hair coat. Tweeten likes to use brushes with natural fiber. Plastic material can create static electricity, causing discomfort for the horse.

A finishing brush has softer bristles and is gentler on the horse's skin. It's designed for the face, and to lift out fine dust from the hair coat. "As an addendum to that, I always use the finishing brush if I'm trying to lay down a little bit of insect protection," says Tweeten. "Rather than spraying the insect repellant directly onto the horse's coat where it could get into the face and the eyes, I'll spray it lightly on a finishing brush. I don't use as much insect repellant that way, and I get better distribution of the repellant."

Don't forget about a hoof pick to clean mud and debris out of the hooves.

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