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How-to advice on raising livestock including cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and exotic animals.

Cattle and dairy stories

Deb Miller's journey from corporate America to the green pastures of northeast Oklahoma.
Why Deb Miller thinks "a bad day on the farm is still better...
Learn why one family near Indianola, Iowa started a small herd of Miniature Hereford cattle.
Learn how one family raises pint-size cattle.
The Purina Great Starts program provides the proper nutrition for...

Sheep and goats

This Iowa family built a business around their family's needs....
Ramblers Way Farm creates sustainable and ethical apparel made in...
You may be able to spin a profit from wool production

Our Country Livestock: Meat Goats

Latest Livestock Stories

Learn about the American Buffalo, and read how Carol Klein maintains her buffalo ranch in southwest Missouri.
Learn about the American Buffalo, and read how Carol Klein maintains...
This Missouri couple raises hogs completely outdoors and sells...
Tom and Kristi German direct-market their meat for its health benefits

Animal diseases and health

There may be some new guidelines as fairs figure out how to deal with...
If the birth rate in your cattle herd has been dropping, check for...
This deadly new virus is spreading among swine herds

Our Country Livestock: Small Farm Marketing

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