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How-to advice on raising livestock including cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and exotic animals.

Cattle and dairy stories

Learn what you can do to prevent heat stress and manage your cattle herd this summer.
Learn how to manage your cow herd this summer and what you can do to...
Learn about the Belted Galloway breed and why they may be a good addition to your small farm.
Learn about the Belted Galloway breed and why they may be a good...
Poisonous weeds found in pastures
Keep your livestock away from these pesky weeds.

Our Country Livestock: Meat Goats

Latest Livestock Stories

10 things you didn't know about goats.
Check out these fun facts about your favorite farm animal!
Everything you need to know to start raising alpacas.
Everything you need to know about raising alpacas.
Make sure your vehicle can handle the load

Animal diseases and health

As a poultry owner, you know how important it is to keep your birds...
Clean footwear is a key component of biosecurity
There may be some new guidelines as fairs figure out how to deal with...

Our Country Livestock: Small Farm Marketing

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