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Country View: Belted Galloway cattle

Looking for an easy breed of cattle to raise? Check out Belted Galloways if your livestock experience is limited.

First-time cattleman


Radio interview source: Loren Olson, St. Charles, IA, Beltie Farms

If you're looking for easy cattle to raise, Belted Galloways might be the breed for you. They originated from the harsh coast of Scotland and were considered a feral breed, but developed the ability to resist disease and calf easily.

In 1994, Loren Olson of St. Charles, Iowa, chose to raise Belted Galloway cattle. He had no previous livestock or farming experience, but had a strong determination and willingness to learn.

He keeps them on pasture and doesn't worry about bringing them into the barn every night. "They have a very thick coat," Olson says. "It's kind of like a beaver's coat. It's real dense underneath and then a long outer coat which protects them from the harsh elements."

Belted Galloways tend to hunker down in the low spots when the winter winds blow, and will stay under shade trees during the summer.

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