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How to reduce feed costs

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Keep careful records

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Radio interview source: Dan Buskirk, Extension beef specialist, Michigan State University

Our sheep are pigs. And it costs a lot to feed them. We move the sheep out onto grass and let them forage around more when the corn price is high. It takes the lambs longer to get to market, but this helps us manage feed costs. We will also cut the herd numbers, if we have to.

Dan Buskirk is a beef specialist at Michigan State University, and says fuel prices for transportation are one reason for sky-high feed prices. Buy feed locally to save on shipping. Also, keep careful records.

"Keep track of the consumption of these different feedstuffs," Buskirk says. "It would be very important with our forage-based diets to know what the animals are consuming, versus knowing what they're wasting. A lot of people tend to think that their animals are consuming everything, when they don't see it being trampled into the ground."

Evaluate how you're feeding your livestock. Do you throw it on the dirt, dump it in a trough, or use feeders? Adjusting your process can make a huge difference.


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