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Laying mats for cattle

A healthy cleaner alternative.

Increase production levels

Noel Kelly is the business development manager for a company that produces laying mats for cattle. A mat has many advantages, he says. "It insulates and gives the animal a much more comfortable place for lying down," says Kelly. "Their energy is going into putting meat on their back or if it's a milking cow, making milk rather than putting energy into trying to keep themselves warm. They also don't have to put up with the abuse of the rough concrete."

Kelly says studies have shown producers can get up to 20% more live-weight gain on their cattle, and a 50% reduction in leg injuries by using rubber mats.

There are mats for slatted floors and concrete floors. Some mats also have a tread-pattern underneath so they grip and stay in place when the animals move around. The mats don't absorb liquids or harbor bacteria. Cleaning them depends on how many cattle you have, but you can use anything from a garden hose to a tractor to remove debris.

Laying mats come in thicknesses up to 1 inch, and generally cost $4.50-$6 per-square-foot.

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