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A Passion for Producing Better Cattle

Purina wants to share some of their cattle experience and advice.

A letter from Mac Redding

At Purina , we're passionate about cows. That's why we're out here every day working to bring the best to your cattle. We'd like to share with you some of our stories as to why we're out here every day, working to make your herd better through experiences with our herds.

I have enjoyed a long-time affair with cattle. I grew up on a large family owned, working cattle ranch in Texas. I knew I wanted something else as a career, but also wanted to stay connected due to the enjoyment I have being around cattle. To me, owning and managing cattle gives me a sense of ownership in agriculture and the ability to teach my children the way I was taught by my parents

Our cows are part of our family. We have our cows named, my daughter enjoys them more when she can call to them by name and hand feed them in the pasture out of our RTV.

I have to say I love calving season. As February approaches in Texas, we get the enjoyment of watching our cows with their new calves. And are rewarded with healthy calves from the hard work we put into vaccinating, deworming, and bull selection.

Mac Redding
National Account Manager
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

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