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Pasture weed control

Learn how to get rid of pesky weeds

Spray, hoe and mow

It's less expensive in both time and money to control one plant than allow it to produce seed and give rise to hundreds of new little weedlings. Zap it with an herbicide as soon as it emerges. Remember that herbicides are chemicals and it's important to read the label and use the product according to instructions.

It's possible to have an organic pasture with no chemical control. But you'll be up against some very hardy invaders and find yourself spending a lot of time out there.

"Mowing is critical, keeping those weeds from going to seed," Phillips says. "You can use fire -- not the best of options. The biggest one is hand weeding. Every time you're out in the pasture, carry that hoe with you, and knock it off. If we're rotationally grazing, we don't ever want that grass to go less than four inches."

Proper grass height does an excellent job of shading the soil, which prevents the seeds from germinating.

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