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Preparing for Calving Season

Calving season is fast approaching, and there are several steps you can take to help ensure this calving season is the most successful one ever.

Calving season can be the busiest time of year for cattle producers.  Preparing now will benefit you and your cows. 

As calving time approaches, plan ahead to:

  • Make provisions to keep newborn calves dry and warm.
  • This can include having heat lamps (for weak calves), warming blankets or hot boxes available (but use caution to ensure none of these devices overheats the animal).
  • Keep pregnant cows separate from those with new calves and give special attention to first-calf heifers.
  • Make sure your animal identification and record-keeping systems are in order.

Purina convenient feeding programs

Save time and have peace-of-mind feeding our Purina 30% Protein High-Energy Cattle Tubs to your cows prior to, during and after calving season. 

  • They provide essential protein and nutrition when your cows need it. 
  • Our cooked tub technology manages intake, saving you time from having to put feed out daily. 


For more information or to purchase Purina feeds and minerals, visit your local Purina Retailer.


Due to factors outside of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC’s  control and because of market uncertainties, individual results to be obtained, including but not limited to financial performance, profits, losses or otherwise, cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Purina Animal Nutrition. 

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