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Raising angora goats

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Shear twice a year

Angora hair ranges from white, pale silver and tan; to blue, black, and cinnamon red. On average, mature goats produce 10 to 16 pounds of hair annually, and it is shorn twice a year.

"Angora goats grow a little less than an inch of hair a month," Frett says. "So that means in six months, you're going to have six inches of hair, which is about when you want to shear them. Most mills want hair between four and six inches for processing, if it gets longer than that, they have difficulty -- their equipment just doesn't take it very well."

After they're shorn, Angoras are sensitive to temperature extremes. Frett says a friend of his lost a few to hypothermia in the middle of the summer after a chilly, windy rain storm came through. When the goats are in full fleece, they're weather-tolerant, hardy animals.

The price of bucks and does starts at about $350. Some breeders sell one buck and three to five does together for roughly $1,200.

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Angora goats: This site is a good place for beginners to start. Learn about buying and caring for Angoras, and see what it takes to be a successful breeder.

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