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Raising bucket calves

Bucket calves are a good choice for a 4-H or FFA project
Bucket calf

Radio Interview Source: Megan Henry, 4-H'er

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If your kids are interested in raising cattle, consider buying bucket calves for your first 4-H or FFA project. Although raising bucket calves is a short-term project, it's a great way to learn responsibility and gain the confidence necessary to care for larger livestock. Bucket calves are newborn calves that can't be raised by their mothers. They get their name because they are fed from a bottle or bucket with a special nipple attached. If your son or daughter wants to show a calf at the county fair during the late summer, look for one born in February or March.

For additional information about raising budget calves, we suggest the following Web sites:

Tips for Raising Bucket Calves: How to help your child choose his or her first bucket calf.

Raising a Bucket Calf: Tips for raising bucket calves, including information on housing, feeding, and general medical care.

Once-a-Day Feeding: An explanation of the benefits and potential drawbacks to using a once-a-day feeding method for pre-weaned calf care.

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