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Raising miniature pigs

Not many people consider the average farm pig as a pet, but they're going hog-wild over their tiny cousins.
Photo: Texas Tiny Pigs

Miniature pigs are the latest trend in swanky swine.

Savannah Seams is the co-owner of Texas Tiny Pigs and says any breed that stays under 100 pounds is considered a miniature. There are many types, and the most popular is the teacup or micro pig. Once grown up, they will be around the size of a beagle, although some can get larger.

Most people keep their little pigs in the house because they make good pets.

"They're shedless, they're odorless, they're hypoallergenic, and they're actually the fourth smartest animal in the world, ranked behind humans, dolphins, and primates. You can house train one of these guys in as little as three days," Seams says.

They require a diet specially formulated for miniature pigs, but you can offer limited amounts of wholesome treats. However, the animals are prone to gaining weight, so put your pet on a leash and go for a walk, or let it run around for exercise.

Mini pigs love attention, love toys, and are quick learners to do just about anything you want.

"They'll do all sorts of things," Seams says. "You can teach them to play ball, they'll play dead, roll over, fetch. Anything that you can teach a dog to do, you can teach a pig to do, just in a shorter amount of time. Pigs have the mentality of a 2- or 3-year-old child, so they throw tantrums and they want to get their way. They're something else, that's for sure!"

Be prepared to live with some destruction around the house because they like to get into things.

On average, mini pigs live 15 to 18 years. They are social animals and get along with children and pets. You may pay several hundred dollars for a miniature pig, so make sure that your jurisdiction is zoned for pigs, even if kept in the house.


Radio interview source: Savannah Seams, Co-Owner, Texas Tiny Pigs

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