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Controlling squirrels in the house

Let the squirrels find their own place to live by protecting yours

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Your house is just another funny looking tree to squirrels, and living in the country means sometimes you'll find them getting up close and personal. If squirrels do find their way into your house, find where they got in, repair the damage, and clean the area where they've built their nest. To get the pesky critters out of your house, trapping is the most practical solution, but if it comes to a showdown (and if local laws allow), it may be time to draw your weapons.

Radio interview source: Jim Pease, wildlife specialist, Iowa State University Extension

For more information on keeping squirrels at bay, we recommend the following Web sites:

Operation pest control: Keep squirrels and other pests from setting up shop in your yard, and they'll be less likely to invade your home.

Tree squirrels: Learn about the different species of squirrel and how to keep them from taking over your home and yard.

Tree squirrels: Managing habitat and controlling damage: Tips from the University of Missouri Extension include getting squirrels out of your home.

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