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Fly problem or people problem?

House flies are a "people problem".
Dr. Doug Ross, Bayer Animal Health


House flies are a "people problem". I don't mean they bother people (though they certainly do!). I mean people cause the problem.
House flies are "synanthropic", which means "ecologically associated with humans". They live near, and benefit from, being associated with humans and habitats we create. House flies count on humans' and their animals' wastes for survival. Female flies lay their eggs on, and the larvae (maggots) develop in, animal (dog, horse, cow and chicken) manure, spilled animal feed, piles of decaying vegetation, neglected compost piles, garbage cans and garbage heaps.
How can you manage these annoying, disease carrying bugs on your property? First, clean up your act! Get rid of accumulated animal waste and any other potential fly sources. Good animal waste handling and general sanitation are crucial for house fly control.
Since house flies can travel long distances, eliminating sources on your property doesn't guarantee you'll be "fly free". But there are options for dealing with invading house flies.
A variety of house fly traps are available. Some capture flies on sticky surfaces, while others lure them to their death in various containers baited with attractants. Many of these are quite effective, capturing thousands of flies.
Insecticides for house fly control generally fall into two categories: baits and sprays. Baits are typically sugar-based materials containing attractants and an insecticide. Granular baits like QuickBayt® Fly Bait can be scattered around the outside of farm buildings or used in bait stations. House flies are attracted to baits, feed on them and die.
With a little bit of effort you can keep this "people problem" from spoiling your country life.
Dr. Doug Ross works in Research and Development for Bayer Animal Health. He received his Ph. D. in Entomology from the University of Georgia, and has been involved in the development of insecticide products for animal health, general pest control and mosquito control.

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