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Sonic deer control

Keep deer away from your garden with electronic pest repellent

Radio interview source: Jason Wiles, general manager, Deer Busters










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Keep deer away

I wish deer would understand that we plan our landscapes for our benefit, not theirs. When they're looking for a quick meal, they don't care that you've just planted an expensive, rare species in the garden. If it tastes good, they'll eat it.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to controlling the varmints. But have you tried sonic or ultrasonic means to shoo them away? This electronic pest repellent is actually a device that emits an ultrasound frequency that drives deer nuts. It's safe, humane, and one way to deal with unwanted deer invasions.

Jason Wiles is the general manager of a company that sells these devices. An ultrasonic deer buster won't offend the neighbors because it gives off a sound only animals can hear.

"It's motion activated and only goes on and off when a deer goes into the area you're trying to protect," Wiles says. "It's more of a feeling than a noise and it annoys the animal. A lot of people refer to it as something humans can't hear but you can feel it. It's an annoying noise that's in the back of your head and of course gets the deer to leave the area."

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