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Tips for Preventing Fall Pests

Try these tips to tackle uninvited pests from invading your home this fall.

As the weather cools off and leaves start to turn, it’s the time of year to look into preventing unwanted guests from entering your home. Pests in search of a cozy, warm environment will start to make their way indoors.

Luckily, we’ve found some tips to help keep those unwanted visitors from settling into your home.

First off, while it’s still nice outside, search the exterior of your home for any gaps or openings that would permit entry to unwanted insects. Check around doors and windows for openings. If some are found, seal these with weathering strips. Also check window and door screens for any rips or tears that would allow entry to flies, spiders and other pests. Another entry point for sneaking critters would be the dryer vent. Make sure this is sealed properly and not propped open for insects to crawl inside.

While going around the exterior of your home, make sure that all plants and bushes are not touching your home. By keeping these trimmed, it provides space between where the pests are located and your home: hopefully preventing them from crawling from your shrub onto your home. This also applies to woodpiles. Keep woodpiles away from your home, as they provide a great place for pests.

Another way to help combat pests is to make sure pet food is stored in a secure place, such as a tin garbage can with a lid. By decreasing the chance for a food supply, you will help to decrease your home as a possibility for permanent winter residency for pesky critters.

The final tip is to remove all cobwebs and keep your home at 40 percent humidity. This will help to eliminate spiders.

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