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Anti-barking birdhouse

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Dogs bark for a number of reasons, but sometimes it's just because they like hearing their own voice. And while a barking dog may disturb fewer people in the country than in town, acreage dogs still need to mind their manners when neighbors are close. A new product, the No-Bark Birdhouse, looks like an ordinary birdhouse, but emits a burst of ultrasonic sound inaudible to humans when a dog barks. It's not harmful to dogs, but does distract them so they'll quit barking. The birdhouse has three sensitivity levels, so you can set it on the lowest level if you still want your dog to be a good watchdog. He'll learn the difference between barking for a reason and just barking, and everyone in the neighborhood will enjoy the results.

Radio interview source: Ricky Dukes, spokesman, PetSafe

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