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Choosing the right hay for horses

When it comes to feeding horses, customization is key

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Just like people, different horses have different nutritional requirements based partly on their size, age, health and activity level. Once you have determined what they need from their feed, it's time to shop around for hay. Not all hay is created equal, and it's important to find a supplier that will work with you to find the best match. Before making a commitment, a simple hay analysis can shed light on what you're really buying.

Radio interview source: Dennis Cash, Extension forage specialist, Montana State University

Learn more about selecting hay and feed for your horses:

Get your horse in order: A list of basic horsekeeping tips, including suggestions for monitoring your horse's diet.

Choose the right hay for your horse: Different ages, classes and workloads of horses require different levels of nutrients from hay. The experts at Montana State University share tips for determining what type of hay your horse should have.

Selecting hay: Several factors should be considered when deciding what type of hay to feed horses. According to the University of Kentucky Extension, the most important factor is cleanliness, but nutrient value and the type of horse being fed should also be considered.

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