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Country View: Hurricane dog

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Earning her keep

Sheba has become the epitome of a watch dog on the Guinn farm. She protects the boys when they're outside, and nobody can come onto the property without her announcing it -- even if the intruder isn't human.

"Right after the hurricane we had a severe drought," Guinn says. "And there were so many animals coming out of the Peace River. We had a run on cottonmouths, which are highly venomous. We killed one and then we didn't realize it was a mate and it wound up in our garage. And my boys were heading right out the door and the dog started barking, barking, a very distinct bark she has that says, 'There's trouble out here.' There it was, in the garage, and she was able to keep it there long enough so that we could catch it and kill it. And you know we totally credit Sheba for having literally saved our lives."

Denise believes the best pets are the ones that find you.


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