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Dogs at Camp

A dream come true

Way back in the spring of 2001, I had a trip planned to France. Finally. France! I had the airline tickets, the hotel reservations, the travel guides. Oh yes, and the girlfriend. And suddenly I realized that the people who were to care for my dog (my family) had other commitments (or so they said!). Uh-oh. Now what? I couldn't leave her with just anyone. After all, we're talking about none other than my one and only Abby. Abby is a Humane Society rescue and came with her own set of "issues," including epileptic seizures. I worried that she could have an episode while I was away. What would happen?

Now rest assured, I am well aware that I am ridiculously over-protective of this dog. But she's...she's...well, she's my Abby. Luckily that time, my family did take her. What would I have done otherwise?

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. And so shortly after my trip, I set out to create what I felt was missing at the time for a dog like Abby.

I dreamed of fresh air, open spaces, and a place devoted to dogs for their pure enjoyment. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to give my dog the gift of her very own vacation? That way, not only would I alleviate the feelings of guilt when leaving her, but she'd possibly have a better time on her vacation than I might on mine!

Well, I did pursue that dream, and my staff members and I call it "Dogs at Camp." Because that's where they are, at camp. A place where dogs come to vacation -- where socializing, exercising, hiking, swimming, ball and Frisbee -- are all part of a day at camp.

It all sounds wonderfully paradisiacal, doesn't it? In many respects it is. But it is, without a doubt, lots of work. Good work mostly, but work nonetheless.


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