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Protective clothing for dogs

The world of fashion has gone to the dogs.

Today, more people dress up dogs in cozy wraps not only because it's cute, but also because it also serves a purpose.

Tim Ford is the CEO of a national pet product company. He says protective clothing such as parkas, vests, and boots for paws are available for the smallest dog up to the largest. He explains some situations when a dog could use an extra layer.

"It really depends partially on how severe the weather is around the country," Ford says. "If you're in heavy rain, and just a lot of sleet/rain, we do our parkas which are waterproof, plus they have a little bit of fleece to them for some warmth. We find a lot of people have some older dogs, and that extra piece of warmth is a real help if they're outside."

Protective clothing can also prevent severe cuts and scratches when the dog is trotting through sharp, overgrown brambles. You will also appreciate not having to remove thorns and burrs off a longhaired breed. And when the dog comes bounding in the house after a hard rain, just take off the coat and hang it up to dry.

Doggie duds have to fit right. Size up your dog by measuring length and height.

"Measuring a dog is from the shoulders," Ford says. "There's always been confusion of, 'How tall is my dog?' We use from the shoulders down, and length is from the neck as their head tips up, to the tail area. So, use that neck for both height and for length as your starting points."

Choose products with Velcro closures and adjustable straps. They should also accommodate a leash or harness, and have reflective material.

Post photos of your canine in clothing in our gallery!

Radio interview source: Tim Ford, CEO, Sherpa Pet Group

Listen here: Protective clothing for dogs

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