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Putting your horse on a diet

Match your horse's feeding program to its weight and activity level

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Even if you're careful about watching your own diet, you may inadvertently be contributing to your horse's weight problem. If your horse is a family pet who gets ridden once or twice a week, his nutritional needs are minimal and high-calorie grain or pelleted feed is unnecessary. Good grass hay and water is all that is required unless your horse is a jumper or barrel racer who is competing on a regular basis. Although it may be tempting to give your horse treats every day, these goodies may be contributing to joint problems and cardiovascular trouble. Your veterinarian can help you develop a feeding program based on your horse's weight and activity.

Radio Interview Source: Debra Hagstrom, Extension Specialist, Horses, University of Illinois

To learn more about how dietary changes can help keep your horse healthy, we suggest visiting the following links:

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