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Raising Flemish Giant rabbits

We've all heard of lap dogs and lap cats, but how about lap rabbits!
Photo courtesy of Karen Clouse

Radio interview source: Karen Clouse, Secretary/Treasurer, National Federation of Flemish Giant  Rabbit Breeders


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Flemish Giant rabbits make great pets because of their unique size and gentle dispositions.

Karen Clouse is the secretary and treasurer of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders. She says the draw of this bunny is its size. Few house cats can match the mass of this rabbit.  

"They can get up to 25-pounds," says Clouse. "On average, they're between 16-and-18-pounds when they're full grown. They will grow for a year. Sometimes, it depends on the bloodlines, it may take them over a year to reach their adult weight."
A big bunny also needs a larger home than a typical rabbit. Clouse recommends a 32x36-inch cage that's at least 18" tall. If the cage floor is wire, put down a wooden board or carpet so the rabbit can get off the wire and prevent wearing down the pads on its feet. Clouse also recommends adding pine shavings for bedding. Stay away from cedar, because it causes respiratory problems.

Flemish Giants should be fed rabbit pellets with at least a 17% protein. Clouse says they'll appreciate other treats, too.  

"You can also give them hay. Timothy hay is really good for them, or alfalfa cubes.  You can also feed them slices of apple, carrots, but you never want to feed lettuce. The lettuce will mess up their intestinal tract."

Flemish Giants are raised as pets and as show animals. Clouse says they have a very gentle disposition, rarely bite, and might even hop into your lap to watch TV with you.

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