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The Thoroughbred named Taylor's Special

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A Special Taylor

Submitted by reader:
Sue M. Sefscik

He was flirting with me. When I first approached him, he pretended not to see me. But when I stood my ground, he finally acknowledged me with his eyes and slowly lumbered over. Then we experienced a special connection, some type of special feeling that electrified the air between the two of us. Suddenly, he had my heart. My breath caught in my throat. Instinctively, he felt the same way, pushing his nose into my outstretched hand. When I walked away to visit others, I could feel his limpid brown eyes on me. He was flirting with me!

I reached the end of the pasture and turned. The Thoroughbred named Taylor's Special gazed across the quarter mile between us, longingly, asking for more. I'd never felt such a strong connection with an animal so quickly before. Even Maya, who had guided me around the farm, explaining the history of all the wonderful racehorses, said she felt the special connection between this stallion and me.

As I drove the eight hundred miles back to my Florida home, my mind raced with thoughts of Taylor. Physically, he was at least two hundred and fifty pounds underweight. Even though he was now clean, his coat was dull. Mentally, I sensed he wondered why he had been treated so poorly. I tried to send positive thoughts over the miles between us, which grew farther as I headed south.

Upon my return home, I decided to do some investigation into his history. I learned that Taylor had been found, alone, without food or clean water, in a small pasture in Washington State. Contacting Jenny at Hope for Horses, she advised that he had been abandoned at a farm in Granite Falls, Washington. An elderly couple, who had been active in breeding and racing thoroughbreds, had brought him down from Canada. They subsequently died, their farm was sold to developers, and no one knew Taylor was there. He ate grass and found rainwater as best he could. Jenny figured he was there at least three weeks without proper nourishment. That's when Hope for Horses stepped in.


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