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How to keep hens laying in winter

Radio interview source: Jesse Lyons, Extension Poultry Specialist, University of Missouri

Listen here: How to keep hens laying in winter

As daylight gets shorter, hens tend to stop laying eggs. However, if you keep the chickens comfy with light and warmth, they'll reward you with more eggs.

Many hens stop or slow down egg production during the winter. The lack of daylight and cooler temperatures tell their bodies to rest.

Extension Poultry Specialist Jesse Lyons at the University of Missouri says if you want to convince your hens to keep laying, they'll need supplemental daylight.

"It takes about 12 hours of day length to get the birds stimulated to where they start laying," Lyons says. "Up to about 16 to 17 hours or so, somewhere in there, is the probably the maximum day length that will stimulate the birds."

The light has to be constant, and if you have a timer set for say, 14 hours of light and the egg production slows down, Lyons adding another half-hour so the hens think springtime is coming.

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jocampbell19728 wrote:
my 20o so chickens havestopped laying totally not even one. had them for 5 years and this is a first. i added a few new chicens, is this way? feed then layenw and corn. treated very well. help please is they don't start layig there going/ help
gmcl66 wrote:
Time to get new chicks , they are just to old.