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Keep hens laying in fall and winter

The type of lighting used doesn't really matter, and it doesn't take much.

"You can use some of the fluorescent lights, but in cold environments some of these lights will not come on," Lyons says. "If it gets down too cold in the building, well then the light wouldn't come on. Many poultry houses use the relatively inexpensive incandescent light. One light bulb would keep 15 or 20 chickens happy to where they can see, and walk around and eat, and be stimulated by the light."

Provide a diet that is balanced for protein and calcium. More feed may be required to give them the extra energy they need for maintaining body heat and egg laying. You can also use an infrared heat lamp for a couple of hours to warm them up. Lyons says that on really cold days, some flocks will cut back on egg production. But when a warmer day-or-two appears, you'll see more eggs again.

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