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Raising bantam chickens

For a personable pet, try bantam chickens

Radio interview source: Melissa Morgan, poultry breeder












Listen here for the radio story

If you're thinking about raising poultry as pets, consider bantam chickens. Rather than being bred for egg or meat production, the purpose of these miniature chickens is to be beautiful and personable. Listen to today's radio program for more on bantams, including their feeding and housing requirements.

Learn more about raising chickens:

Bantams: This publication contains everything you could ever want to know about raising bantam chickens, including choosing a breed, feeding, housing, and showing the birds.

A place for poultry: Raising feathered friends can bring joy and entertainment to your acreage. Here's how one creative guy makes poultry a part of his life.

Building a henhouse: Your bantams will need a safe place to get away from predators and the elements. You can even turn an old playhouse or unused outbuilding into a henhouse.

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