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Raising domestic geese

When it comes to raising animals on your acreage, it doesn't get much easier than geese

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Geese ask for little. They need only the basics -- shelter, water and food -- to survive, and are rarely affected by disease or insects. Before making any purchases, decide whether you want the geese for egg production or a market flock, then meet with a reputable hatchery to help determine which breed is best for you

Radio interview source: Phillip Clauer, Extension poultry specialist, Penn State University

For more information on raising geese, we recommend the following links:

Raising geese: Here are the basics on brooding goslings, feeding, breeder flock management, and more.

Imprinting domestic geese: Imprinting is the process that causes newly hatched birds to become attached to a parent or parental surrogate. If you're raising geese, the goslings may think you're their mom.

Anyone for some geese?: This fact sheet from Michigan State University includes a chart comparing the different breeds of geese, including Embdens, pictured here.

Photo: Oklahoma State University

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