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Your poultry pets

"Country view" asks you to address subjects on which you are the expert. This month you share your poultry stories.
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25 chicks

Last Easter, I found myself at the local farm supply store gazing over a horse trough filled with baby chicks. My parents had come to visit and wanted to take their three granddaughters to pick out a fuzzy yellow chick to take home as a pet. The store employee quickly informed me that the minimum purchase was 25. After deliberating on how my wife might respond if I brought home 25 chickens, I decided to go for it.
We enjoy having chickens as pets. There is just something about watching chickens roam the yard that makes living in the country that much better.
Noble Staley, Carbondale, Illinois

Date Published: April 13, 2012
Date Updated: December 2, 2013

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