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Raising Cattle

A Resource for Producers Passionate About Cattle

Living the Country Life and Purina® have partnered to bring you this special section of Living the Country Life to help you raise your cattle. No technical jargon here -- just an easy-to-understand resource for running your operation.

Q: How many acres do you need for a cow and calf?

A: The acreage required for a cow-calf pair will depend on several things: mainly soil fertility, pasture quality and how much rain you get in your area. For example, most places in Missouri start with 3-4 acres per cow-calf pair for summer grazing.

Life Stages of Cattle Care

Pre-Calving & Calving

Spring calving is just around the corner, providing the promise of a...
Listen to the radio program on spotting the signs of a cow in labor.

Intake modifying technology in use at the Purina beef cattle research center

Taking Care of Your Calves

A resource for cattle owners.
Calving and re-breeding can be a challenge. These tips will help.

Purina Protein Tub informational overview for your farm

Find Purina® products in your area.

Stocker Grower

State of the art research facility dedicated to building better...
The 30% Protein High Energy Tub provides protein supplementation when...

Getting started

A calving, cattle, pasture, equine health and poultry resource for...
An Idaho ranch raise cattle with a gentle nature despite their looks.

Feeding and grazing

Rotational grazing benefits both your pastures and your herd.
Proactive fly control, water access, and a supplementation program...

Handling your herd

Expectations of tight beef cattle supplies and strong demand push...
Electric fencing may be the most important tool a livestock producer...

Healthy herds

One important element in keeping cattle healthy – and profitable – is...
When the temperatures soar, keep a close eye on your cattle. If you...