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Raising Cattle

A Resource for Producers Passionate About Cattle

Living the Country Life and Purina® have partnered to bring you this special section of Living the Country Life to help you raise your cattle. No technical jargon here -- just an easy-to-understand resource for running your operation.

Q: How many acres do you need for a cow and calf?

A: The acreage required for a cow-calf pair will depend on several things: mainly soil fertility, pasture quality and how much rain you get in your area. For example, most places in Missouri start with 3-4 acres per cow-calf pair for summer grazing.

Life Stages of Cattle Care

Pre-Calving & Calving

Spring calving is just around the corner, providing the promise of a...
Listen to the radio program on spotting the signs of a cow in labor.

Intake modifying technology in use at the Purina beef cattle research center

Taking Care of Your Calves

Everyday details can lead to calf health challenges
Calves need more energy in cold weather

Purina Protein Tub informational overview for your farm

Find Purina® products in your area.

Stocker Grower

State of the art research facility dedicated to building better...
The 30% Protein High Energy Tub provides protein supplementation when...

Getting started

A calving, cattle, pasture, equine health and poultry resource for...
An Idaho ranch raise cattle with a gentle nature despite their looks.

Feeding and grazing

Fall feeding and pasture management for your cattle.
Advice from the professionals on getting the most benefit from your...

Handling your herd

Electric fencing may be the most important tool a livestock producer...
Maintaining a clean livestock trailer prevents animals from getting...

Healthy herds

One important element in keeping cattle healthy – and profitable – is...
When the temperatures soar, keep a close eye on your cattle. If you...