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Providing Your Cattle High Quality Water

Quick Tips Brought to You by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

We all know hydration is vital and your cattle depend on you for their hydration.  Water management should be included in your nutrition plan; here are some tips that will ensure your herd always has an adequate, high quality water supply.

Water Management Tips:

  • Evaluate the number and type of animals on your property and ensure that all watering devices are not only accessible but they are spaced appropriately.
  • There should be two feet of accessible linear water for every 10 head of cattle.
  • Avoid using pond water as drinking water, research has shown heifers gain 23 percent more weight when spring water or water pumped from a well is available.
  • Clean your devices frequently and check with your local county extension or beef cattle consultant about testing the water on your property for any contaminants.   


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