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Purina Cattle Cube

Hi-energy all-natural protein



  • A 20% All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube for Cows on Fair- to Poor-Quality Forages and Grasses
  • Purina® Hi-Energy All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube Helps You Extend Your Forages and Grasses by Providing Your Cows the Additional Supplementation They Need.



Feature Benefit
All-vegetable protein source For producers who prefer to feed only vegetable proteins
Supplemental protein for beef cows
on forage or grass diets
Promotes low-quality forage utilization
Modest amounts of trace minerals Allows producers to feed a mineral program best suited for the needs of their herd
Vitamin A fortified Helps maximize animal performance


See the Difference
Purina® Hi-Energy All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube is the Convenient Choice for what Your Cows Need

  • Provide additional supplements for pasture feeding programs
  • Extend your forage and grass pastures
  • Increased flexibility in your feeding program

Perfected at our LongView Animal Nutrition Center, because we share your passion for better cattle.


Great for Small Pastures
As your forages and grasses transition throughout the year, your cows' supplement needs increase to accommodate for these changes. And smaller pastures are more at risk of over-grazing. Over-grazing can limit the amount of nutrients your cows receive and ruin your pastures, meaning additional time and money to fix them.

Flexibility in Your Feeding Program
If you prefer to hand-feed your cows daily, Purina® Hi-Energy All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube lets you control the amount they receive and when they receive it as you manage your forages and pastures. With all-vegetable protein sources and modest amounts of trace minerals, Purina® Hi-Energy All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube gives you the flexibility to manage your feeding and mineral program to meet the needs of your herd.

Feeding Instructions
Please consult feed tag sewn onto bag for specific feeding directions.

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