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Summer Grazing Tips

Summer is just around the corner with pastures greening up for grazing.

Summer is just around the corner with pastures greening up for grazing.  As you start transitioning your cattle to pasture, there are a few tips to help make that transition successful for you and your cattle. 


Rotational grazing can provide pastures with higher yields and more efficient utilization of your forage resources.

Get the Most From Your Pastures By:

  • Move cattle from one paddock to another based on forage growth rather than a rigid time schedule
  • Some target heights to begin grazing are from 6 to 8 inches for cool season grasses, 12 to 14 inches for warm-season perennial grasses, and at least 18-24 inches for summer-season annuals
  • Don’t over graze pastures.  One rule of thumb is to leave 3 inches of stubble for cool-season grasses and 4 to 8 inches of stubble for warm-season grasses
  • Pay attention to your cattle’s grazing habits. Regardless of the quality and yield of a pasture, cattle spend roughly the same amount of time each day grazing. They should be grazing about eight hours per day with the heaviest grazing period beginning in the morning


Purina convenient feeding programs

Don’t forget, even though your cattle are grazing on high-quality pastures, they still need a mineral supplement.  Save time and have peace-of-mind feeding our Purina All Purpose Cattle Mineral to your grazing cattle. 

For more information or questions about Purina feeds and minerals, visit your local Purina dealer or retailer.


Due to factors outside of Land O’Lakes Purina Feed’s control and because of market uncertainties, individual results to be obtained, including but not limited to financial performance, profits, losses or otherwise, cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Land O’Lakes Purina Feed.

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