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Safe lawn fertilizer for your pets

Keep your pets safe with these fertilizer tips

Radio interview source: Dr. Nick Tomoro, veterinarian, Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center











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Read labels first

We have never put chemical fertilizer on our lawn. It may not be the best-manicured yard in the neighborhood, but I don't have to worry about our pets getting sick if they nibble on the grass.

You don't have to choose between a green lawn or your pets. There are fertilizers out there that are safe to use with animals around. Closely read the manufacturer's label and look for products that are veterinarian- or EPA-certified. Avoid products that list "inert ingredients," which can be any number of substances that work in conjunction with the active ingredients. The problem is that manufacturers are not required to reveal what the inert ingredients are, and they could be poisonous.

Veterinarian Dr. Nick Tomoro explains what symptoms to look for in your pet if he's ingested a toxic fertilizer.

"Things like excessive salivation, you can look at your animal and see very small pupil size, sometimes their breathing becomes erratic, you can see signs of stomach upset, gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, diarrhea, which can be pretty severe," Tomoro says.

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