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Make your own bird food

Birds will appreciate the effort
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While it's true that the birds on your property will more than likely survive the winter without any help from you, feeding them makes for great entertainment for the whole family. While store-bought food is fine, you can easily create your own custom bird food that your feathered friends will find nutritious and delicious. Mix different types of seeds to suit the birds in your area, or try a lard- or peanut-butter-based mixture for extra energy when the temperatures drop. Beware, though ... once you start feeding your homemade bird food, your new friends will come to expect it, and they'll let you know when it's time for a refill!

Radio interview source: Bill Johnson, bird expert, Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird feeding: Here are tips for attracting birds to your yard, and a chart that demonstrates which birds like which type of seed.

Decorate a tree for the birds: Learn how to make orange cups, bread cookies and stuffed pinecones, then decorate a tree with these and other delicious treats for birds.


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