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Rocky the Raccoon

One spring, Becca Selkirk was working in her garden when she noticed a deserted baby raccoon. The raccoon, affectionately named Rocky, kindly approached her husband and the two decided to care for Rocky until he could survive on his own. Here is their story.
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In May 2007, I was out getting our garden ready, when to my surprise, a little raccoon was half-way down the large maple tree next to my garden. For six hours, this little guy was crying and going up and down trying to figure out if he should go back up to his hole or come down to be with me. I was hoping his mother would retrieve him, but this never happened.
Later, my husband came home from work and I shared with him that there was a little coon on the maple tree. My husband and I went out to this tree and to my astonishment, he cried out to this little coon. "Rocky, come down here!" he called like he would to a pet dog. To my greater astonishment, this little coon come running down the tree and ran up my husband's pants!
"What do we do now?" my husband asked.

Date Published: April 13, 2012
Date Updated: April 30, 2012

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