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March 25, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
A few months ago I noticed an uptick in water usage on our sheep farm. I figured it was due to a bigger flock or more water use in the shop. My mistake. By last month the volume was alarming, so I alerted Bob (who can now monitor and pay the utility...see all
March 17, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
Bob is pulling late nights and early mornings as spring approaches and calving season is in full swing. Cow c-sections at midnight and 3:00 a.m. will make a man tired. If he gets a live calf and healthy cow at the end he's happy. On Saturday we...see all
March 9, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
Bob finished one of his winter projects in time for lambing season. This is a sheep feeder with slots for 16 animals at a time. The bottom is the top of an old gas barrel. The bands were around Grandpa's old brick silo. I think the rest of it is...see all
March 3, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
A week ago, the farmer who rents our 365 acres called to say he had to drop the rent by $45 an acre. Corn and soybean prices have tumbled in the past year, while farm input prices have continued to rise. Under Iowa law, farm lease modifications...see all
February 23, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
I've been thinking about 4-H, as two people from my 4-H years died last week. Edith Kilby was my 4-H leader in Calvert, Maryland. She encouraged me to enter demonstration and speech contests and required all members to keep detailed record books....see all
February 20, 2015 | Lisa's Kitchen
Growing up in Iowa, Maid-Rite loose-meat sandwiches were a favorite! People in other parts of the country may not see what the big deal is, but they are so good! Sadly, the restaurant in my hometown that served these tasty treats is no longer in...see all
February 12, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
Bob finally got a smart phone, chucking his ancient flip phone that couldn't text or take pictures. Now he's documenting in photos every client call and move I make around the acreage. Good grief. Thank goodness he's not on Facebook, Twitter,...see all
February 2, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
If it's going to be cold, I want snow on the ground. I got my wish with 11 inches. My amaryllis finally bloomed, so I took it outside for a minute. What a cheery flower on the kitchen windowsill. Bob only likes snow if he is skiing, so chores in...see all
January 26, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
I ran into The Bachelor last week at a land expo in Des Moines. Chris Soules, a farmer from Arlington, Iowa, is on the popular ABC show (Monday nights). I'm giving the show a try just because this guy is a real farmer (and really handsome). Honestly...see all
January 21, 2015 | Betsy's Backyard
Bob and I were back on the home farm in Maryland last week to celebrate Dad's birthday and help a little here and there. For his birthday, Dad wanted us all to attend the Cecil County Soil Conservation annual banquet. It was a yummy dinner of crab...see all