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County fair time!

July 27, 2011

It’s been a busy week. I was in New Orleans for three days attending the annual Ag Media Summit, a gathering of 600 folks who communicate with farmers. It’s always a fun meeting, and it was even better this year because it was 20 degrees cooler down there than it is in the Midwest.

I came home last night to find that deer had eaten my gladiolus, so I won’t be entering them in the county fair. My zucchinis were the size of my leg. I threw those to the billy goat.

Speaking of goats, this morning was the 4-H goat show at the fair. We weren’t counting on ribbons; we were just happy several goats were still alive (out of seven, two got bladder stones and one died of pneumonia).

Caroline’s smallest goat won the lightweight class and her brown doe was second in another class. Then a weird thing happened in the championship drive. The judge selected the champ. Then he selected Caroline’s brown goat as reserve. Impossible, because the goat that beat that brown doe in the class was not the champion. The kids all looked confused, but the show went on with the breeding classes and nobody alerted the judge to his mistake.

Back in the barn, Caroline handed to the trophy and ribbon to the girl who had the first place goat above her and all was well. No harm done; it was very hot and the judge was working hard.

This is the exact reason why goats and sheep should always line up by class when you are picking the champ and reserve.


This is Lauren Engley, the champion goat showman.

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