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My favorite room is obsolete

September 1, 2011

My task today was to upload audio and video for the Fall issue of Living the Country Life so the digital edition can go out on Zinio. It means working in a web tool that makes me want to pull my hair out. I love technology; I hate technology.

Once I got everything figured out, with a few bug work-arounds, it struck me that my favorite room in the house is a dinosaur. Who needs bookshelves anymore? Everything here, and more, could fit on my iPad — books, cds, dvds, magazines, and games.

For hundreds of years humans have been impressing each other with the size of their home libraries. “Look at my first editions; note my scope of Russian novels. I’m an intellectual.” Now we flip open the latest mobile reader.

I’m not giving up my bookshelves. When I die you can tear them apart and build my coffin. Throw a few books in there with me.

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