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Rebuilding together

October 4, 2011

Yesterday I was happy to help out on the landscaping crew for Meredith’s annual Rebuilding Together day. This year we worked in the Capital Park neighborhood of Des Moines, fixing up 11 properties. Jodi Henke, radio editor for Living the Country Life, spent the day painting the outside of a 150-year-old home. I worked at the Iowa Homeless Youth Shelter trimming bushes, planting, and mulching. It was perfect weather. In the afternoon I helped clean up the backyard of a homeowner. It was unskilled labor, which was good, because I am not skilled with tools. I hope most of the flowers and shrubs we planted survive the winter. I’m going to stop by in the spring and see if the bulbs emerged. You can learn more about Rebuilding Together, and how you can pitch in here:

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