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Freese tough

October 31, 2011

What a fun World Series! We enjoyed seeing David Freese become the post-season RBI king — a command performance from a hard-working, tough guy, just like the Freese men I know. When I first met Bob, he and his four sisters pointed out that you had to be tough to be a Freese. In fact, someone wrote, “Be Tough, Be a Freese,” on my car at our wedding. In toothpaste. The paint was permanently faded and the next owner of my car had, “Be Tough, Be a Freese,” on her car, too. David is not related to us, but I’m going to say he’s a distant cousin with common ancestors from Germany. Weeks ago I ordered this jersey and it arrived on Friday, the day of the final game. It was my work attire. Caroline is wearing it to school today. She doesn’t need any instructions on how to be a tough Freese.

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