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Do you have enough hay for winter?

November 4, 2011

Bob got a call from a friend who needed 20 small bales of hay for a few calves. He had to turn him down, as all our extra hay was sold months ago, and what’s in the barn might not last the winter. We had very little rain in Iowa since July and hay yields were down. It’s much worse in Texas and other southern states, of course.

The new USDA Hay Market News was released this morning, and I’ve copied parts below. You can get reports for other areas here. Let’s hope for a better hay season in 2012.

IOWA: South Central/North Central IA:
Compared to last week, hay products sold steady.
Most hay has been spoken for; many are waiting for trucks to haul. Demand was good.
All prices dollars per ton. Prices are from the most recent reported sales.

Iowa Department of Agriculture has a hay and straw directory at

Premium large squares 220.00.
Good end Premium large square bales 190.00-200.00,
Fair and Good large square bales 170.00-180.00
Good large rounds 120.00
Fair large rounds 110.00 delivered.
Premium small square bales 220.00-240.00.
Alfalfa/grass mix:
Good large squares 165.00.
Premium Small square bales 200.00-220.00.
Grass: Large square bales 120.00.
Straw large square bales 140.00-145.00.
Corn stalks: 100.00. 

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