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A vet Christmas

December 12, 2011

On Friday night I ran an emergency call with Bob to assist a Labrador that had been hit by a car. It was growling and yelping in pain when the owner tried to lift it, so Bob made a house call. The dog was in the neighbor’s garage on a blanket, where it had limped to after the accident. Bob checked for shock, gave the dog morphine, and told the owner to bring it to the clinic in the morning for x-rays. Turns out the dog did not have a broken pelvis, as feared, and should heal fine in a few days from the bumps and bruises. The owner had made it clear he was not going to pay for expensive surgery if that was necessary. Luckily, it wasn’t.

The next night was the annual vet clinic Christmas party. This year it was held in a decorated old Victorian-style house in Carlisle, Iowa. Tables in three rooms were elegantly set and the food was delicious, especially the pork roast and apple dumplings. After dinner we split into teams and played a holiday trivia game (Christmas Island is in the Indian Ocean, and the bully in A Christmas Story is Scut Farkus, by the way).

To top off the evening, the staff presented the vets with a few well-deserved awards. You can see Bob’s below. I agree!

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